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Where is it flooding?

Flood Insurance Claims

National Flood Insurance Program
Private Insurance
Disaster Relief

Problem Areas

Identified through Community Meetings
Identified by Municipalities
Identified through Surveys

Note: Problem area data was collected only for the 2016 RainReady Calumet Corridor Plan in Blue Island, Calumet City, Calumet Park, Dolton, Riverdale, and Robbins.

Risk-based flood maps:

National Hazard Flood Plains
FloodFactorTM at Risk Properties

Why is it flooding?

Impermeable & Permeable Surfaces

Land Cover
Land Use
Building Footprints
Tree Cover

Water Movement:

Topographic Wetness Index
Catchment Areas

Who is impacted?

Demographic data (Census):

People of Color
Low Income Households
Linguistic Isolation
Population Age Under 5
Population Age Over 64
Population with a Disability
Renter Households
Population without Health Insurance
Residents without a Car
Demographic Index

Existing community vulnerabilities:

Number of Days PM 2.5 over 12 μg/m3
Number of Days Ozone over 50 ppb
Wastewater Discharge Indicator


The quantitative methods document provides a detailed listing of the indicators showcased in the Maps and Analysis section of the website. The documentation includes information on the source, geographic scale, and vintage of the data.

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Tree Cover
Topographic Wetness Index
Catchment Areas
Flow Paths